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Please enjoy this quick process video showing one of my character design methods


I work in a variety of different methods. This page highlights and explains some of those methods for specific projects.  Below is process for Karu, Fan Film Poster, which was featured in the Society of illustrators LA 2022 show.

KARU POSTER: process work (drawing)

Although I work Digitally, the early stages of my work resemble pencil illustrations. I was trained as an Illustrator just a year or two before everything went digital. I find these traditional processes to be helpful to the overall look and feel of the image as well as providing necessary touchstones for my client throughout the process.

WIP 2.jpg

KARU POSTER: process work
(color wash)

At this stage I will add a color wash. Much like a traditional oil pick out or water color wash this just adds the basic undercoat of color.

WIP 5.jpg

KARU POSTER: process work (white pencil and airbrush)

This final step of the process is like adding the icing to your cake. tightening up areas that need work and adding highlights and reflections.

WIP 8.jpg

KARU POSTER: process work (inking)

In this stage I add darker values and washes of grey to add more depth.

WIP 4.jpg

KARU POSTER: process work
(colored pencil)

This is the stage where things start to come together. Adding depth and detail to the color wash

WIP 7.jpg

KARU POSTER: process work (Final)

After a bit of adjustment from client feedback we have our final. At this stage some level and hue adjustments are all that really happen.

Karu Poster
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